Mission Statement:

Bicycle Indiana promotes safe bicycling; educates bicyclists, motorists, and policy-makers; and advocates for laws, policies, and infrastructure to increase bicycling in Indiana.
Purpose: The purpose of Bicycle Indiana is to legitimize the bicycle in the State of Indiana through a cohesive state organization that represents the interest of all bicycle users and addresses all areas of concern to bicycle users.

– To promote bicycle transportation for health, recreation, competition, sport, travel and commuting at all levels of government.

– To develop a network of Indiana bicyclists.

– To advocate for bicycle users at all levels of government.

– To serve as a clearinghouse for bicycle information, events and resources.

History: Founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization serving Indiana bicyclists.

Membership: Bicycle Indiana is a state-wide organization open to individuals and organizations who support our mission and purposes.

Governance Structure: Bicycle Indiana is governed through a Board of Directors that is elected at an annual meeting.  The Board of Directors consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, two Regional Directors for each of the following areas (Northern, Central, Southern Regions) and two At-Large Directors.

Staff: Bicycle Indiana employs an Executive Director and a small professional staff.


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