Legislative update: help needed!

We need your help to make bicycling better in Indiana.


Photo credit: Danny Graber Photography

Bicycle Indiana will once again be working with Indiana legislators in the upcoming session – pushing for legislation to make it safer for people to ride bicycles in our state.

As a small organization, we do not have the capacity to meet with Indiana legislators throughout the state, but with your help, we can. This is our plan for the remainder of this summer and fall:

  1. Develop petition
  2. Plan and schedule meetings with legislators and constituents during the summer and early fall
  3. Determine which legislators will author/sponsor/cosponsor legislation to make biking safer
  4. Work with said legislators to plan and schedule a meeting day at the statehouse
  5. Use Ghost Bike Program in tandem with legislative efforts

Bicycle Indiana will have the petition ready for distribution later this month. The next step is scheduling meetings with our legislators. Would you be willing to contact your Senator and Representative’s local office to schedule a meeting?

We’ll provide you with the talking points and the ask. And we’ll share the dates via our social media outlets to recruit others to also attend the meeting. We’ll also provide you with a feedback form to forward back to our office.

We believe with the momentum of successfully meeting with our legislators, we’ll be poised to have a bill sponsored, and hopefully passed in the upcoming session.

Can we count on you? If so please complete the quick form below to contact me.

–Nancy Tibbett, executive director, Bicycle Indiana


About Bicycle Indiana

Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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