Be a ROLL model: protect your melon — wear a helmet!

8_August_cropSomeone once said “There are those who have needed a helmet and there are those who have yet to need a helmet, but there are none of the third kind.” Translation: If you think you are of the “third kind” – those that will never need a helmet – you are seriously mistaken. It can, and does, happen to best of us!

There are many stories from bicyclists about how bicycle helmets have saved lives. Traditional bicycle helmets protect the brain from a linear impact and all helmets meet the same safety standards. What is new and exciting in 2015 is multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) bicycle helmets.

MIPS sets a new standard in helmet safety can provide more protection in certain impacts. MIPS has been developed by brain surgeons and scientists to reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head. MIPS is not simply a new material, MIPS represents a major turning point in helmet technology.


Graphic of brain with helmet w/o MIPS and with MIPS

One way to describe MIPS is that it adds an additional layer of protection by an internal low-friction layer that absorbs some of the forces of a rotational impact. This internal liner slides front to back and left to right slightly. Links to more information about MIPS.

Bicycle Garage Indy’s Advocacy Director, Connie Szabo Schmucker, recently discussed MIPS helmets with WTHR (Channel 13). Visit this link to see this spot.MIPS logo

Several brands of bicycle helmets are now featuring MIPS. Look for this logo that indicates MIPS helmet technology is included.

helmet_fitAll of the best technology can’t help if your helmet isn’t attached to your head properly. Your helmet should pass the following tests: 1) level on head, 2) straps make a “V” under ears, 3) Chin strap should be fairly tight, only allowing 2-3 fingers between the straps and your chin, 4) helmet stays in place when you shake your head “yes” and “no”. There are often adjustments in the back of the helmet to help the helmet be more snug around your head and different thicknesses of pads for comfort and sizing of your helmet. More details about helmet fit here.

Be a ROLL Model – wear your helmet every time you ride!
Ride safely, wear your helmet and enjoy many miles on the roads and trails!

Randy Clark, Bicycle Indiana board member


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Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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