Meet our people: board member Randy Clark

Randy ClarkAfter receiving a business degree from Indiana University, Randy began to work for Eli Lilly and Company in 1970 and went on to receive his MBA while working at Lilly. Randy was one of four individuals that established Bicycle Garage Indy (BGI) in 1983. In 1986, Randy acquired full ownership of BGI and retired from Lilly after a successful 16-year career in the Finance and International Divisions.

Randy, and his wife, Kathy, are life-long residents of Indianapolis and fully enjoy their two daughters and six grandchildren.

He is most proud of the work he has done in advocacy – working to provide more, better and safer venues for bicycling in Indiana. BGI is a recipient of the National Retail Advocate Award – quite an honor given there are 5,000 independent bicycle retailers in the U.S.

BGI was also recently honored as one of six nominees in the country for the Top Retailer of the Year for 2015.

Randy has entered into a 5-year transition plan to pass the business to Scott Helvie, a former BGI employee and industry veteran. “I am still going full-bore at BGI but the hope is to scale down over the next four to five years. I have yet to experience anything resembling retirement but one can always hope!” said Clark.


About Bicycle Indiana

Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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