Be a ROLL model: Be kind. Let’s get along – there’s room for all!

“Be kind. Let’s get along – there’s room for all.” That is this month’’ food for thought. Working in the bicycle industry allows me to bond with many different types of cyclists. There is one common feeling that is relayed to my employees and I on a daily basis – fear of motorists.


Cyclists new and old are always looking for safe places to ride. Places such as greenways, bike lanes, and/or rails-to-trails are sought after locations as to avoid conflict with motorists on the road. Motorists catch a bad rap in the cycling world due to the lack of compassion that is shown by a few bad apples throughout the course of the year. The same can be said of cyclists on occasion as well.

So why can’t we all get along?

Why can’t motorists and cyclists see eye-to-eye when trying to share the road? I am sure that cyclists don’t choose to go out and ride to annoy drivers on the road. I am positive that drivers don’t go out with the intentions to yell at, and intimidate cyclists.

To me, I believe that there is a simple lack of education. I think that most people simply don’t know that a person riding a bicycle has the same rights on the road as a motor vehicle. As a motorist, I understand the annoyance that can occur when having a cyclist cause you to have to change speed or adjust lanes. However as a cyclist, I feel like we all need to slow down and take a breath of fresh air. As more and more people continue to join us out on the road, knowledge of bicycle laws will continue to grow as well.

Kyle Rickenbaugh, Bicycle Indiana board member


About Bicycle Indiana

Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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