Be a ROLL model: The whys of bike commuting

Spring is here and with it many of us are getting reacquainted with the bicycles that were put away at the end of last fall. As we do so, we might be tempted to once again consider turning our passion for riding into a practical way to get to work.

Haven’t taken the bike commuting plunge yet? Our next few blog posts in the coming weeks will address tips and tricks that will make riding to work a breeze. And that means you’ll be ready to give it a shot during National Bike Month!

4_AprilBefore we get into the logistics of making that first ride to the office reality, you might need a few reasons about why bike commuting is so great to help get you motivated. These also come in handy when your fellow co-workers start asking you if your car is in the shop.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Ride our Bike to Work

5. Mother Nature. It isn’t a secret that pedal power is more environmentally friendly than driving a fossil fuel powered vehicle. For some, this is a significant reason to ride as often as possible. One problem with this benefit is that it isn’t something from which we can see an immediate impact and therefore might not alone be compelling enough for us to leave the car at home, so onto #4….

4. Saving $$. There are all sorts of studies out there that make certain assumptions and do the math – but the short of it is that once you have the basic equipment bicycle commuting can save you a few bucks. At first it won’t be enough to allow you to book that seven-night cruise, but the money you aren’t putting into the gas tank will be enough to take your boss out to lunch every now and then.

3. Saving time. Huh? This one doesn’t appear to make sense at first because we all know that it will most likely take you a bit longer to ride to work than your current drive. But when you consider that you may choose to reduce or eliminate your normal workout routine you realize that you are checking a couple of your daily “to do” items off at once.

2. It is Good For You. So many health benefits! Bicycling will provide you with a way to get exercise, fresh air & improve motor skills. These are all things that we did so much of when we were kids but most likely aren’t doing as much of as we grow older.

1. It’s an Adventure! We understand that for those trying it for the first time it is going to take you out of your comfort zone – and that’s ok. What we also know is that once you’ve pushed your boundaries at bit and successfully completed that first trip to and from work on your bike you’ll come away feeling more empowered than ever – and that new found confidence will extend into other areas of your personal and professional life.

We know that for first timers it takes a bit of time to work up to want to give bicycle commuting a shot, so take some time and mull over these benefits to see which one resonates with you the most. And check back in the coming weeks as we share additional information related to getting you and your bike ready for that first commute.

In the meantime — if you are a seasoned bicycle commuter, what is your favorite reason for riding to work?

Nathan Smurdon, board member, Bicycle Indiana


About Bicycle Indiana

Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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