Be a ROLL model!

If you received a copy of our 2015 Bicycle Indiana calendar, you may have noticed that each month has a message about bicycling safely, along with a link directing to our blog for more info. Whether you followed that link, clicked through from our social media or enews stories, or found your way here some other way – welcome! We’re glad you’re here!


The first calendar photo is a beautiful spring scene from the B-line Trail in Bloomington, IN. (Thanks for the photo, Visit Bloomington!) This photo’s caption sums up our theme for the year: Be a ROLL model!

How, you ask? It’s easy! Practice good bike behavior at all times. Follow the rules of the road/trail/path. Ride with traffic. Signal and/or announce your intentions. Stop at stop signs and lights. Be polite. Look out for your fellow bike riders. Encourage a friend to do the same.

As cyclists (or people who ride bikes), we are frequently under scrutiny. Always assume someone is watching, and use every ride as an opportunity to demonstrate how great it is to ride a bike!

What would you add? How else can we be good ROLL models?

–Jessica Hall, program manager, Bicycle Indiana


About Bicycle Indiana

Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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3 Responses to Be a ROLL model!

  1. David Bartel says:

    I was disapointed to see that the ‘be a roll model’ photo was of 3 riders – all without helmets. I believe that promoting bike safety is ‘part of being a roll model’.

    • David, thank you for commenting and sharing your point of view! We do agree with you on the importance of helmets as part of bike safety! However, in this photo and post, we were more focused on the polite interaction between people on bikes and pedestrians than on helmet use.

      Again, thanks for sharing!

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