A few fleeting days…..

With the change in the weather, I am reminded that Fall will soon transition into winter. Winter means snow, hibernation, and limited bike riding. I have, however, had an enjoyable season of cycling. Aside from my usual commute, I been on several enjoyable on-road and off-road riding trips.

Commuting to work included a whole new challenge for me this year – dropping my daughter off at daycare. I have been loading her up in the bicycle trailer and dropping her off at daycare on my way to work. She was a little hesitant at first – mostly about wearing a helmet – but has grown to enjoy it. In fact, most days, she will automatically climb in the bicycle trailer and the days I need to drive, I struggle to get her into the car.

I was encouraged by her enthusiasm and purchased a tricycle for her. At first, she could barely reach the pedals. Now we spend time every afternoon practicing in the driveway.  We have been making good progress and I hope the impending winter break does not set us back, but know there are plenty more years of cycling together a head of us. It will not be long before she has mastered the tricycle and moves onto a bigger bicycle making room for her brother to take her place in the bicycle trailer.

For now, we will take it one pedal at a time, learn the basics and add one more bicycle advocate to the Statewide efforts.

Allan Henderson – Planner, Madison County Council of Governments


About Bicycle Indiana

Creating a more bicycle-friendly Indiana.
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